Terms and conditions E-giftcard


1.1 This e-Gift Card is issued by JOSH V BV, a limited liability company incorporated under Dutch law, registered in the trade register of the Chamber of Commerce, with its registered office at Keienbergweg 44, 1101 GC Amsterdam-Zuidoost.
1.2 The e-Gift Card has the monetary value previously paid at the distribution point. The e-Gift Card is not a credit card, charge card, cheque-guarantee card or debit card and no interest is paid over the balance on the e-Gift Cards.
1.3 The e-Gift Card cannot be refunded and cannot be returned, except insofar the legal rights so provide. For example in case of defects or the circumstances described in Article 4. The e-Gift Card cannot be cancelled. Under the circumstances mentioned in Article 4, restitution is only possible for the purchaser of the e-Gift Card.
1.4 The e-Gift Card has no repayment value, cannot be exchanged for cash nor is it possible to issue an advance payment in cash for any part of the value charged onto the e-Gift Card at the moment of purchase.
1.5 The e-Gift Card cannot be exchanged for any other currency or another type of Gift Card, nor is it possible to transfer the combined credit of one or more Cards to a new e-Gift Card of JOSH V.
1.6 As soon as the monetary value is used (the value charged onto the e-Gift Card at the moment of purchase), no new value can be charged onto the Card.


2.1 The Card can only be used to purchase clothing and/or accessories through www.JOSHV.com.
2.2 In the event of purchases with the e-Gift Card, the remaining amount will not be refunded in cash, but the possibly remaining amount of the value charged onto the e-Gift Card at the moment of purchase will remain available for future use, in conformity with these conditions.


3.1 Starting the date of purchase, the e-Gift Card can be used during 24 months for the purchase of articles on www.JOSHV.com.
3.2 After this period of 24 months following the date of purchase, the e-Gift Card can no longer be used (even if the Card still contains value that was charged onto it at the moment of purchase).


4.1 The purchaser himself is responsible for the use and the safety of the e-Gift Card purchased. The purchaser is liable for all transactions the e-Gift Card is used for (except in the event of fraud or negligence on the side of JOSH V or its employees). In case of theft or loss of the e-Gift Card, or if the Gift Card is presumed to be used for a transaction for which the purchaser did not give permission, the customer service of JOSH V must be contacted through +31 (0)20 650 06 99 or through [email protected].
4.2 JOSH V cannot be held liable for loss, theft, destruction or unauthorised use of e-Gift Cards, unless caused by negligence on the side of JOSH V.